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Lashed Cartel

Volume Lash Extensions 20 Rows - My Heart

Volume Lash Extensions 20 Rows - My Heart

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My Heart 20 Rows:

Hand-rolled lashes that create a dramatic and dark look. These lashes were specifically produced with a SHORT Tip taper, using these beautiful, bold, matte lashes will create a lash line as dark as My Heart.
  • C/CC/D/DD Curl
  • 20 rows per tray
  • Highest quality sterilized PBT material
  • Short Tips (perfect for bold looks)
  • Foil backing paper
  • Less tacky strip to remove lashes with ease
  • Strip does not slide off or lift while removing lashes
  • Lashes fan like BUTTER
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Perfect for Pinching and Flower Bouquet Technique
  • Single length trays size 10mm-20mm
Lashed Cartel Volume Lash Extensions can be used to create fullness as well as a dark lash line. These lashes are light enough to give even those clients with very sparse lashes a full look. Volume fans are created by grabbing multiple lashes and and creating a hand made fan, this fan is then glued on to ONE natural lash, which creates a much fuller and dramatic look. Volume is an advanced technique that requires additional PROPER training.
For training inquiries email
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Volume Lash Extensions 20 Rows: My Heart

Achieve dramatic, dark, and beautifully bold lash looks with My Heart Volume Lash Extensions. These hand-rolled lashes are designed for professional lash artists who aim to create stunning, full lash lines that stand out.

Key Features:

Premium Quality:

  • Highest Quality Sterilized PBT Material: Ensures durability and a natural feel, providing your clients with a comfortable and long-lasting wear.

Perfect Design:

  • Short Tips: Specifically produced with a short tip taper, perfect for achieving bold and dramatic looks.
  • Matte Black Finish: Creates a deep, dark lash line that enhances the eyes beautifully.

Variety of Curls:

  • Curl Options: Available in C, CC, D, and DD curls to suit every client’s preference and style.

Generous Quantity:

  • 20 Rows Per Tray: Provides ample lashes for numerous applications, making it cost-effective and convenient.

Easy to Use:

  • Foil Backing Paper: The less tacky strip ensures easy removal of lashes without the strip sliding off or lifting.
  • Fan Like Butter: Effortlessly create volume fans, perfect for both beginners and experienced lash artists.

Versatile Application:

  • Single Length Trays: Available in sizes 10mm-20mm, catering to various lash styles and lengths.
  • Perfect for Advanced Techniques: Ideal for pinching and flower bouquet techniques, allowing for creative and intricate lash designs.

How to Use:

Volume Technique:

  • Create Fullness: Volume fans are made by grabbing multiple lashes and creating a handmade fan.
  • Attach: Glue the fan onto one natural lash, giving a fuller and more dramatic appearance.

Ideal For:

  • Sparse Lashes: Light enough to give even clients with very sparse lashes a full look.
  • Advanced Lash Artists: Volume lash extensions require additional proper training for best results.

Training Inquiries:

Interested in mastering the volume technique? Email us at for training inquiries.

Why Choose My Heart Volume Lash Extensions?

Enhance your lash services with the highest quality, boldest, and most dramatic volume lash extensions available. Perfect for creating a dark, full lash line that leaves a lasting impression.

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