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Lashed Cartel, LLC

That Bitch Retention Duo

That Bitch Retention Duo

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Eyelash Extensions Adhesive - That Bitch Glue (Size)

Purchase That Bitch and Locked in Bonder and save 25%!


The best way to ensure good retention is to:

1. Use top quality products

2. Prep the lashes PRIOR to applying Lash Extensions

3. Control your environment

4. Apply the lash within the 1-2 or 1-3 seconds the adhesive allows you to 

Lashed Cartel's Locked In Bonder will increase your retention by 30%, we are ensuring your adhesive CURES, at the same time reducing excess fumes that will irritate your client's eyes.  We can assure you all of our adhesives will give you amazing retention it's just finding the adhesive that will work best for you and your environment. 


  • That Bitch
    • 1-3 second dry time
    • Medium Viscosity
    • Humidity 45-55%
    • Temp Range 75.2-78.8 F
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